H Alan Partimbang: HOG Siliwangi, The Place for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Enthusiasts in West Java

GARUT, newshunter.id – Pioneered on July 18 2018, the Siliwangi Harley Owner Group (HOG) has a role in overseeing the West Java Harley Davidson motorcycle club.

H Alan Partimbang explained that HOG Siliwangi is providing spare parts or spare parts for Harley Davidson motorbikes, becoming dealers or sales, and providing a platform for the Harley motorcycle club to hold events and other activities, he said.

The types of motorcycles ridden by the group members are quite diverse. Namely, starting from Touring, Cruiser, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, V-Rod, Buell, and others.

Meanwhile, the HOG Silwingi Basecamp is located at the Siliwangi Harley Davidson dealer, Jalan Wastu Kencana, Bandung.

The management and other group members often hang out whenever they have free time. Its activities discuss the latest information about Harley motorcycles, share knowledge about maintenance of Harley motorbikes and so on.

“For our gathering time there is no specific schedule. Everything is flexible. If on a normal day we have free time, we will meet there,” explained H Alan.

H Alan also said, from a number of HOG Siliwangi activities, it was not much different from other motorcycle community associations.

“Besides protecting and fulfilling the needs of members, we also have touring activities and social movements,” he said.

Specifically for the routine activities of the Siliwangi HOG, there are short trips to a number of areas in Greater Bandung and West Java once a week.

The longest touring activity they have ever held is a trip to Australia, America, to Europe in January 2019.

As for their social actions, they carried out mass circumcision activities in several places in West Java, and provided disaster relief in Lombok and Sulawesi in 2018.

H Alan continued to tell, this HOG is not only in Bandung, but also in other cities.

“HOG was first established in Jakarta since 1998. Currently its branches already exist in Medan, Batam, Solo, Bali and Bandung,” added H Alan Partimbang.

Editor: Agus Eot

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